Pet euthanasia at home

In most cases, euthanasia is relief from "old age" that brings untreatable and physically unbearable disease. At the same time, every pet owner with experience knows that euthanasia brings the loss of a true and honest friend, followed by human intensive emotions that are difficult, upsetting and painful to deal with.

ln avoiding euthanasia because we anticipate OUR emotional pain, we can  put our pets through added physical suffering, pain and misery in general. But, eventually, both owner and vet must decide that euthanasia is the best way to end the pet's life.

Unlike us - our pets do not "reason" and emotionally attach any meaning to Life or Death - but physically they feel, and start accepting and preparing  - so to give us signals - for the end of their life. Therefore they do not understand our emotional upset about that natural cycle. We have a choice to help them reach this transition in a more peaceful way,  or if left alone without assistance - our pets will suffer alone. Treating a pet that has no more reserves to respond to treatments - but only faces complications of treatments,  also means they will start to suffer regardless of our sacrifices. At these times it is very important to "listen" to what our pets are "telling us" - signalling they are ready for the end of their life.

As a vet and lifelong pet owner I have been sensitive to this time of our pet's lives. I believe in treating animals with kindness and fairness in our best capabilities at all times - and this applies specifically - to these last moments with our pets - so they can be conducted  with greater peace.

Housecall euthanasia is different to clinic euthanasia by: 

  • Not having to find transport if you don't have it.
  • Not having to move and confuse your pet if it is in pain.
  • Not having to make your pet face the stress it naturally feels in a vet clinic. When vulnerable, in disease, your pet's anxiety is likely to be stronger. Your home is your pet's most comfortable environment. There is no or minimal possible anxiety in a housecall.
  • Not having to fit this procedure in a proposed consultation time of 15 to 30 minutes when this time may not be long enough for your pet to adapt to the procedure and restraint. There is minimal restraint in a housecall - close to none.
  • Housecall euthanasia is not limited by time, but is adapted to the pet's needs, environment and relief. Sedation can be and is often used in housecall euthanasia as a peaceful preparation for putting the pet to sleep.
  • Not having to be emotional in front of vet clinic staff and other clients.

There are certainly other benefits of housecall euthanasia that any pet owner will recognise.

Bookings are sometimes not possible at short notice but it is worth a try . It is advisable to prepare for this decision and notify me on time - best 1 or 2 days in advance. If I work , at some stage I am not available to come immediately and make a housecall , but I am very flexible in visiting as soon as possible when I become available.