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serving Auckland and surrounding areas

House-call veterinary services are highly popular in large cities throughout the world. Greater Auckland is huge and not  ideal for mobile vet services but there are a  number of cases that do benefit from a house call.

Although our house call services are NOT  done for unwell or sick animals  we do attend to:

Vaccinations - popular for busy people or when owners do not have transport to a regular vet clinic, owners with small children. NOTE: vaccinations are NOT done for owners that cannot control their dogs, which leads to aggression - and have a history of not being capable of taking their dogs to local vet clinics due to their ( owner's ) lack of work , training and control.

Euthanasia - conducted in your home, peacefully, with dignity and respect.
Find out more about HouseCall Euthanasia.


  Gina on : 027 - 618 20 48  


Dog Training    -     at NEK9 Dog Training and Developmental Services. Info on www.nek9.co.nz


VET Clinic Services - Cases that need clinic facilities are done at REMUERA Vets at 5, Norana Avenue - Remuera. Medical treatments, in-clinic vaccinations/desexing and microchipping , surgery - elective and emergency, dental health, orthopaedic

with Dr. Colin Hill and Dr . Louise 

Phone : 09 520 1647 

 Email :  reception@remvets.co.nz


Advice - I can recommend a vet clinic in your area if you do not have one and will happily give a second opinion on vet advice and procedural matters.

Helping you choose your new pet, matching various breed personalities with your own.

Advice on the responsibilities, care and management as a new dog owner.


Note: My housecalls are not done for sick animals, nor for animals with ongoing medical conditions

          Please do NOT expect any MEDICAL, SURGICAL or DIAGNOSTIC procedures through my housecalls.



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